Monday, April 12, 2021

baby quilt finish

 Well! I certainly did not intend to take 2 months off from blogging, yet here we are! I have been making making making..... which is not an excuse but it's been fun. 

During Quiltcontogether everyone was sharing the cool things they were creating in their virtual classes. For a couple of reasons I had not signed up for classes, and I found myself feeling a bit of FOMO. A little digging in my WIP pile and I found some blocks I had started at Quiltcon in Austin in 2020. I had forgotten all about these and honestly had not touched the project bag since.

The class I took was called Magic Numbers and the instructor was Katie Pederson (sewkatiedid) from Seattle. I will confess that I completed exactly ONE block during her class (I might be that girl who gets distracted easily and talks too much? maybe). Anyways, several other blocks were partially constructed or the pieces were cut, and all of the fabric were there in the bag so it was easy to get started on it again.

These are improv blocks, right up my alley. I a matter of days I had finished the 12 blocks I needed for a baby quilt, quilted a grid on my domestic machine and shipped it off to a new baby! I don't know why I had put this one off, but it was a pleasure to make now, maybe the timing was just right? who knows, but it is finished and gone.

I am recommitting to blogging at least once a week and I promise to do my very best! Thanks for hanging in there with me....


Maria said...

Improv is definitely your thing and the baby quilt looks lovely made from the blocks..
Great quilting too!

Debbie said...

Lovely finish! And welcome back to blogging!