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All about Improv

Are you wondering what Improv quilting is? How it works? Or maybe you've never even heard of it before! Ellyn can't wait to share some of her modern quilts made with improv techniques and talk about what Improv quilting really means. Maybe after hearing about it, you'll want to give it a try yourself! The Intro to Improv workshop is a great add on to this lecture.

 Working Together: Collaboration in Quilting

Is your guild looking for new ways to work in community? Drawing on the strengths of fellow quilters can take your work to the next level. In this 45 minute lecture/trunk show, Ellyn shares different ways quilters can work in collaboration with other quilters and artists of different mediums. She shares more than 20 of her own quilts made through an assortment of collaborative methods and offers suggestions for finding your own way in the collaborative process.

Through Ellyn's Eyes

Ellyn is anxious to share all about her 6 month exploration to find her personal artistic voice. In addition to a trunk show that includes all of the quilts she made during this series, Ellyn explains her process and helps each person in attendance consider the ways they can create a project that is uniquely theirs.  Members will also receive a pattern to create their own color palette to begin exploring their own style.  The lecture is appropriate and interesting to all kinds of guilds.

 Quilts that Talk

We all know that quilts tell stories all on their own, but Ellyn has a special passion for quilts with actual words in their construction. In this 45 minute lecture/trunk show, she shares different ways she has incorporated words into her quilts. You will get to see about 20 of her own talking quilts and get new ideas on how to start using words in your own quilting.

Lecture fees:

 Lecture: approximately 45 minutes. $350

Lectures require the ability for Ellyn to share a slide show from her laptop. She will also bring as many actual quilts to share as possible. Travel and lodging fees to be negotiated by each group.

contact me at ellynzins@gmail.com


Intro to Improv Quilting

Are you ready to make your own improv quilt? After sharing some of her own improv quilts with you,  Ellyn will teach at least 9 of her favorite improv techniques. You will leave at the end of the day with a big stack of improv blocks and dozens of ideas for making a quilt that is truly your own. Bring your adventurous spirit and an open mind!

Workshop fees:

One day workshop, 6 hours, $450 plus travel and accommodations if needed.
contact me at ellynzins@gmail.com

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