Friday, August 25, 2017

Improv stripes

A few weeks ago, Debbie, over at A Quilter's Table, started an improv stripes sew along. On the first day she gave us a tutorial for how she makes her blocks. This happened to coordinate with my retreat so, after finding some internet when we went into town, I read her post and set to work! I used all black and white prints, along with black, white & a bit of yellow solids.
Once I got home, it was fun to rearrange the blocks, trim them up to make them fit, and assemble them into a finished quilt. Because I don't usually follow the rules (though admittedly, Debbie didn't make any rules, so that was helpful!) I added some appliqué flower petals to my finished top. 

I quilted it on my domestic machine, starting with a yellow spiral in one corner, then adding white lines here and there...
My finished quilt is 25" x 30". I was happy to add this improv method to my toolbox!
Check out all of the beautiful quilts on Instagram at #improvstripesqal 


Debbie said...

Very cool! I like what you've done alot! And I think one of the best features of the qal is the no rules part! Take a technique where it takes YOU!

Connie said...

When I saw your quilt, my first thought was, I wonderful if she knows Debbie? Then I go down to comments and there she is. You both have an amazing talent for these types of quilts . . . they are so full of life and energy. I love the happy feeling they bring. Sew perfect:)
Happy quilting!
Connie :)

Kathy E. said...

Such an awesome quilt, Ellyn! I enjoy following Debbie's improv techniques, and especially having few (or no!) rules! It leaves the interpretation up to the sewist to follow a pattern in her/his head. Adding your yellow flower petals is such a great addition and really focuses my eye. So much movement and so much fun!

Ondrea said...

What a stunning quilt! The first pic reminded me of a messy bookshelf LOL. I love how you have put it together and added the yellow applique. You constantly amaze me with the quirkiness of your quilts. Hope that is the right word.

Maria said...

Fantastic Ellyn... love the black ,white witha touch of yellow..
Hope you and family are all okay...Does "Harvey" affect you at all?