Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Maybe you remember what my word of the year is. Maybe not. I don't mention it much here, and maybe I should. Back in January I chose "Be Present" as my word of the year for 2017 (yes, I am well aware that it is two words, not one. My game my rules!). Even though I have not brought it up here on the blog, keeping "Be Present" at the front of my thoughts has influenced many of my choices throughout the year. It has impacted my reading choices. It has also affected my decisions about how I spend my time.

On Monday, there was a total eclipse of the sun. Maybe you heard about it? Or maybe you are living under a rock and missed it altogether. I get that. Northeast Texas, where I live, was not on the
path of totality (who comes up with these phrases?). Several of my friends packed up their families and traveled to faraway spots where they could view the total eclipse, alongside hundreds of strangers. They all reported spectacular experiences. Special eclipse glasses sold out long before the event. I didn't buy a pair.

Honestly I had no plan to view the eclipse. I have fond memories of such an event back in the 1960s. Everyone in my elementary school made viewing boxes out of shoeboxes and we all paraded onto the playground at the designated time to watch the eclipse. It was cool. But this time, I was happily sewing away in my studio. The sunlight began to dim and cast a bit of an eerie glow over my work. Someone on Instagram posted a picture of the shadow coming through pinholes in the leaves on their trees. Suddenly I needed to see it too,
I walked out to the sidewalk in front of our house and, sure enough, there it was! Dozens of tiny eclipse shadows breaking though the trees. I was totally present in that moment, marveling at the wonders of God's creation..... no one to share it with but filled with awe.
I've heard stories of huge groups of strangers cheering together when the eclipse occurred. Even my husband went out into the parking lot at work with his coworkers and watched it through a pair of borrowed glasses and a pinhole in a sheet of paper. I guess it would have been a cool thing to share with others, but honestly? I was content to spend a few minutes alone on the sidewalk, just being present.


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Beautiful comments about being present. I was at home alone during the eclipse. I, too, noticed what was an orange glow in my office as the sunlight dimmed outside. I didn't have glasses as the ones we ordered never arrived. So I just enjoyed the shadows and things that I could see appearing. I rather appreciated taking in that moment alone instead of being in a crowd of strangers who were talking and cheering. Thank you for your post. Andrea

Maria said...

No I didn't know your Word or Words were Be Present...
Looks like you enjoyed the Eclipse in your own way...
Great photos ..