Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ellyn's place makeover

After 2 years in our "new" house I've been reevaluating some of our spaces. One side of my studio space had a table & large bookcase that had become a huge pile-up spot. No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep the clutter straightened up. The table was basically useless. I realized what I really needed was more storage space!

Ikea to the rescue! Two KALLAX units later, I had regained floor space and cleaned up the mess!
Not only that, I managed to eliminate the ironing board that always seemed to be in the way. After seeing the pressing station on Sew Katie Did I knew that was the right solution for me too.
IKEA sells the wheels to fit the KALLAX units too! I followed Katie's directions and I adore my new pressing station. It fits perfectly against the wall, but can be rolled out if I need to iron something large. Perfect!
I used the rest of a vintage sheet to cover it, so it matches my mini ironing station that stays next to my machine. I have to admit, stripes were probably not the best choice as it was impossible to get them straight! Ah well, the way I destroy covers, I'll be making a new one before you know it. I think I will make removable covers from here on out, and just put them over the existing board.

This smaller unit gave me the perfect space to store many of my weaving supplies as well! I had been struggling to find a home for them.

Fingers crossed I can keep this space tidy more effectively now!


Debbie said...

looks good! A new fresh space is so invigorating!

dianneo said...

Love the idea about removing an ironing board and replacing it with the bookcase pressing station. I may end up doing the same.

Kristin said...

Your makeover is fantastic! That storage works perfectly I. Your space!

Ondrea said...

Great idea. I have the same cubby hole shelves in white but they are soooooo messy lol. I need more storage too. Ironing station looks wonderful. So clever. Enjoy your new creative space.

Maria said...

What a perfect great area. Love your nice big ironing space.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, do you know anyone collecting blocks or quilts for the police officers? I'ld gladly participate. Thanks, Elana elanagoldberg5@hotmail.com