Monday, October 21, 2013

weaving and crafting on the go

The very first day of the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, Trae & I both bought mini looms and yarn from Purl & Loop. Of course, this meant some hotel room weaving (and it might have involved a late evening trip to Michaels for additional supplies).

 With Trae's hands in the picture you can see how tiny these looms are. Perfect for on-the-go crafting! Oh, and Trae wove some of her fabric scraps in too! LOVE!

 This size makes perfect little coasters.

I took a wool flower class and made this pretty pin...
On Saturday, Trae & I learned to make fabric bangle bracelets...

In addition, I made a make-and-take infinity scarf. I've been wanting to learn how to do these and now I know! I loved the hands on classes at the Expo! It's always fun to come away with a finished product.

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