Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Quilts

They took this picture of Ally & I when we dropped our quilts off at Happiness is Quilting last week..... Today the voting and bidding begins! If you are in downtown McKinney in the next few weeks, take a look around in all the shops for quilts that were entered. Ours are hanging somewhere, but I have no idea where! I'm going to need to go poke around and find them soon! I really enjoyed this project.

We are decking the halls today..... tis the season! I love unpacking the Christmas decorations every year & finding treasures that I had forgotten about. It's always fun to add new things too. This year I get to add the pretty swap quilts that Maria made for me! And the pretty winter swap quilt I got from Kate last year. Oh how I love swapping with other bloggers!

Looking forward to sharing some holiday posts with you soon! Now, back to the decorating!


Maria said...

Both the Little Quilts are lovley.
Hope you all had fun decorating for Christmas.
You will have to do some Pics.
I love to swap too.I have my thinking cap on for our next one. Does it have to be crafty?????

Melissa said...

Hi Ellyn - great photo of y'all with the quilts. BTW I just gave you a blog award, please check it out on my blog! Feel free to pass it on, or not, as your time and schedule permit.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice! I like the hearts and presents one very much.

Renée said...

Oh I'm loving the baby in the manger with the glorious star! What a fun idea for an auction.