Thursday, October 28, 2010

in my mailbox...

Yesterday, when I went to the mailbox I found a wonderful package from Australia, filled with Christmas goodies! My blogging buddy, Maria, and I had decided to do a Christmas swap. We just mailed our packages, less than two weeks ago... and guess what? They arrived at their destinations on the same day! You can read about Maria's package here.
Inside my package were wonderful goodies! A handmade card from Maria with a lovely note. A beautiful 2011 calendar with Australia Wildflowers on each page. Some chocolate bars with sweet little Aussie animals on the wrappers. A gorgeous machine embroidery bookmark and a postcard from her guild's hanging.

And this sweet angel who will hang in my sewing room all year long & remind me of Maria.....

 Isn't she pretty? I love the redwork embroidery! Oh, & last but certainly not least, this table runner which is too pretty to even describe! What beautiful work you do Maria!
It was all wrapped up in darling Santa fabric that I will use for something special... not sure what yet!
Isn't it fun when Christmas comes early! Thank you Maria! I will treasure all of my goodies for a long time (ok, not the chocolate! it will NOT last forever!)


Maria said...

It was fun planning and making the things for our swap and I am pleased you like them.
Have a great day Ellyn I am off to bed.Nigh Nigh!

P.S Was thinking of you when the Tornado was on the news. Was it near you???

Melissa said...

What a wonderful swap! Love that table runner - I know you'll enjoy using that this Christmas season.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a great swap! Lucky girl!