Saturday, July 29, 2023

Quilts unscripted 2023

 It's been a minute since I shared the blocks I've been making for my improv bee, Quilts Unscripted. 

January blocks were inspired by architecture in gray tones for Isabelle. I loved making these and used photos from recent visits to New York City as inspiration.

My first block was inspired by the Oculus....

and my second block was inspired by One World Trade Center

February blocks for Sarah were done in her chosen color palette (which I love) using tiny squares, organic curves and strips. 

March block for Emily was actually one large slab, inspired by a photo of pottery she provided in her designated color palette. Just like every month, this prompt stretched me!

April was my month to choose a prompt. I'll be sharing more about that and the resulting blocks very soon.

May was fun! Charles challenged us to choose our own adventure. We each chose a book genre (mine is romance) colors from 10 different palettes, and 2 improv blocks from his list. I used pinks/reds and greens to create a meadow of flowers from checkerboard and drunkards path blocks. This big slab is 17”x18". 

In  June, Chris had us drawing inspiration from ancient Pueblo pottery with a very specific color palette. One of my blocks is shared here, with it's inspiration photo....

In July, we made blocks for E.A. One in solids and one in blenders! She is making classroom quilts for her students. Here is my blender block...

Guess who is up again for August? Me! I just sent out my prompt and I can't wait to see what my beemates do with it. Stay tuned!


Debbie said...

Fun as always to hear about your bee's prompts and see your blocks. Wow that you get to share a prompt twice in one year!

Maria said...

Love the way you interoperate what you see into blocks.
Lots of great bee blocks too.