Friday, July 16, 2021

Paint Palette


My first quilt for the #ThroughEllyn'sEyes project is finished and I must say I'm happy with it and excited to move on to my next idea. I'm calling this one Paint Palette. After selecting my color palette, I wanted to create a piece that explores how the colors respond to black background and white background. I love the way the colors seem to change with different backgrounds. The design I came up with reminds me of a watercolor palette, so Paint Palette it is. I'm excited to use this color study as I move forward in my project.

I quilted it with a silver gray thread in a simple grid on my domestic machine (Janome 6600), and used a faced binding to finish it off. I think a matched binding would have been great too, and I wavered back and forth before settling on this. The quilt finishes at 26" x 22".

After it was quilted and bound, I added some small hand stitches with size 8 and size 12 pearl cottons. I've really enjoyed these little touches in my recent finishes.

some Xs in red

Orange Xs and straight stitches in yellow

and teal straight stitches

It's been fun collecting pearl cottons to match my colors.... although I'm having a hard time finding an appropriate green. I'll keep searching!

So I'm happy to have this completed and to be able to say my project is officially underway! You can follow my progress on Instagram.

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Maria said...

Great finish and it is surprising how different the same colours look with either black or white backgrounds…