Thursday, June 24, 2021

creative books

 This week in our In Tandem Art discussion Sarah and I discussed books that have given us creative inspiration. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the books we talked about. Links to sellers are for your convenience only, I don't receive a thing from any of the sellers....

my stack of creative inspiration

General creativity:

Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon
    (a personal favorite of mine and a topic I'll be deep diving into in the coming months)

The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston

A Stash of One's Own a compilation of knitting short stories that apply to all kinds of general creativity

Head Heart and Hands by Deborah Boschert, a workbook for developing your creative voice

An Artist's Journey through Wonderland by Katie Fowler (recommended by Sarah. I'm anxious to get my hands on this one)

Anything by Austin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist, Keep Going, Show your Work)

Improv Quilting:

Noteworthy by Crimson Tate, my go to improv alphabet guide

Madly Modern Quilts by Carole Lyles Shaw

Inspiring Improv by Nicholas Ball

Modern Quilt Magic by Victoria Finley Wolfe

Improv Patchwork by Maria Shell

The Improv Handbook by Sherri Lynn Wood

Design Essentials by Lorraine Torrence

Create your own Freeform Quilts by Rayna Gillan

Free motion and walking foot quilting:

Step-by-step Texture Quilting by Christina Cameli

365 Free Motion Quilting Designs by Leah Day

Walk and Walk 2 by Jacquie Gering

I hope you find something inspirational in this list. I know I have! What other books do you turn to for inspiration in your creativity? 


Debbie said...

Looking forward to perusing your list in detail + I plan to link to it in my upcoming newsletter...

Nann said...

I discovered Sherri Lynn Wood's book a couple of months ago. It was great. I want to revisit Quilting Lessons by Janet Berlo. (It was published in 2004 and I read it in 2007 or so.)