Friday, April 30, 2021

This is 60!

When you celebrate a milestone birthday during a global pandemic, what do you do to celebrate? Well, if you are me, you recruit your friends to help you make a joyful quilt!
This is 60 is my last quilt with the Solid Seven bee. I asked my beemates to make me blocks that included at least one triangle (I love triangles, weird, I know) in my prescribed color palette of bright, bright, bright! As always, they did not disappoint!

I added the black/neon borders on two sides and finished off my quilt with faux piped binding (I wrote a tutorial for it a long time ago! you can find it here). My friend Diann at Happy Quilts longarm quilted it in a terrific modern triangle panto which I love so much. 

A day at the park with my quilting buddies (stay tuned for more about that in my next post) was the perfect photo opportunity. A cloudy day was just right to capture the bright colors of my quilt.

I'm three months into 60 and I have to say, it's agreeing with me so far! 




deb said...

Love it!

Maria said...

Fantastic quilt for a special birthday !

Debbie said...

Wonderful!! So fun to have a quilt that acknowledges your special milestone. ;-)

Kathy E. said...

This is a super fun way to celebrate your 60th trip around the sun! I'll be turning 60 in July and have been thinking about special ways to commemorate the year. Unfortunately, I have NO friends who sew! Love your quilt!