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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Quiltcon Together awards ceremony

 Well Quiltcon sure does look different this year. In my continued effort to create community during the virtual event. I organized a zoom party for several friends last night during the awards. Of course, Texas being the mess that it is, our power was in and out all day yesterday. A friend who had steady power and internet invited us to bring our technology to her house and watch from there, so we did (we being hubby and I).

Don't you love my fancy setup? One laptop for zoom party. A second laptop for the awards ceremony. Phone for texting friends, oh and fancy mask for safe social distancing. All set.

It was so much fun to chat with friends before the presentation and then watch together. Several friends could not attend due to power outages and the like (seriously Texas, get your act together!) and we missed them. Partway into the awards this happened.....

My quilt, Urban Emergence, won first place in the group/bee category! Most of the girls on the call had contributed blocks to the quilt. You can see their delighted faces on the screen when they heard the news. So much fun! Since they called the winners ahead to video our reactions for the show, I already knew. That was a hard secret to keep!!! 

Another fun thing that happened is that Urban Emergence was featured in the gallery section of the new Quiltcon magazine! So, also, my first published quilt....

You can order a copy of the magazine here.

So that's the exciting news from here! Life has been a whirlwind, celebrating a big birthday, a big quilt show win, a huge winter storm and failed utilities, and, oh yeah, there's still a pandemic, isn't there? 

Here's a bit of sunshine that will be coming my way soon....

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Debbie said...

VERY exciting news! I am so so pleased for you!! And of course, I too think your quilt is a winner!