Monday, February 26, 2018

quilt con fun - part one

Oh Pasadena, What fun I had at Quilt Con. I'm going to break this up over several posts so I don't make you too jealous all at once.

My buddy Diann and I flew to LAX last Wednesday morning. We arrived at our hotel at lunchtime (perfect!) and had time to get our bearings before the event began. I also enjoyed dinner with my brother and his family that evening since they live nearby. A bonus treat!

I'll jump ahead to mini quilt swap day, since I already teased you with a post about my quilt. I actually met my partner, Tzitzi, a couple of days before the swap. She spotted me in the classroom building, grabbing a diet coke, and ran over to introduce herself. I was so glad we got time to really get acquainted!

On Saturday at swap time, we met with hundreds of others in the ballroom. It was a party in there! So many quilters, searching for their partners, squealing over what they received, swapping phones for photos....

we savored every moment!
And when we opened our quilts, we were both over the moon excited. Don't you think she nailed my taste? And look at that crowd behind us!
Tzitzi told me that she goes every Tuesday to a quilt teacher's home in her town in Mexico to learn new techniques. Each bubble in my quilt represents one of the types of quilting she has learned..... cathedral windows, pieced pinwheels, appliqué, english paper piecing and log cabins. I loved hearing her story and it made my quilt even more special.
and yes, she loved what I made for her too! The best part is, I have a new friend who I will think of every time I look at my beautiful mini.


Connie said...

Here's wishing each moment spent there to be a lovely treat.
Have fun and enjoy!
Connie :)

Debbie said...

Very fun! I love that your mini reflects things Tzitzi has learned.

Maria said...

How wonderful to have been able to spend time with your brother and family as well as met your swap partner and get to know each other before the huge swap.
The mini Tzitzi made you is perfect and sew very special.. LOL love how both your pairs of shoes match the minis too.....

Ondrea said...

What a fantastic time you had. Love your quilts.