Sunday, July 10, 2016

quilts for a broken world

Whenever tragedy strikes I feel so helpless. Like the horrible shootings in Orlando recently. Totally senseless. Innocent people gone. Loved ones mourning. I didn't know anyone there, yet I felt the pain as if they were my own children or friends. 

When I heard the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild was rallying to make rainbow heart quilts (#quiltsforpulse) for the victims families & the wounded left behind I went immediately to my studio and began sewing heart blocks. 
My guild, the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild, collected dozens of blocks at our meeting last week. They will be assembled into finished quilts and sent to the Orlando Guild. It's a small thing to do really, but I know it will bring comfort to those who are hurting. And it made me feel better to do something. Anything.

And then, just a few days ago, I woke to the news of the fallen police officers right here in Dallas.  Just miles from my home. Another senseless shooting. More innocent lives lost. More wounded. More grieving. More brokenness.

And within the day the Dallas Modern Guild and the Fort Worth Modern Guild had begun to rally. #quiltsforpeace was born and the McKinney Modern Guild quickly got on board. And I went back to my studio, set aside the projects I was working on, and began to make blue hearts.

Five blocks. One for each of the fallen officers. 

My heart is breaking for our world.  Why would anyone kill another based solely on who they love, the color of their skin or their occupation? How many lives will be lost before we come to our senses?  I don't understand. 

What can we do? For me, making quilt blocks is a simple act that I can participate in. And praying. For the families of the lost. For all who are fighting to heal. Even for those who are consumed by hate. Perhaps mostly for them, as they are the most in need of prayers. 

I urge you to do something. Maybe making quilt blocks is not an option for you. Maybe you can make a plate of cookies and deliver them to your local police station. Or to a neighbor who is different from you. Maybe you know someone who is hurting and you can just be with them. Certainly pray. Our world needs our prayers.


Debbie said...

Indeed. It's all so difficult to comprehend... praying for sure.

Maria said...

At times like this we do feel so helpless... Was thinking of you when the shootings were happening....wondered how far away you lived.
Prayers are good....

Ondrea said...

I am constantly saddened when I hear of so many mass shootings over there. The gun issue is difficult for us Aussies to understand and I guess we never will. Such a lovely thing you are doing to help the healing process of others. Such lovely coloured hearts made with love. Many angel healing hugs .