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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A blouse for me (or not)

A while ago, I picked up Simplicity pattern 1013 . I had seen it on Instagram and really liked the different options in the pattern. This past week, I made one up, using a lightweight denim and a DS cotton print from Joanns.  I changed a couple of things, like leaving off the sleeve cuffs and adding french seams to prevent major denim fraying! It came out so cute!

and back
I love the way the back contrasts & dips down, so cute with leggings or straight jeans! Could be worn as a jacket over a tank or t-shirt or buttoned up as a blouse. There was only one problem.

Even though I made the top according to my measurements, it's too small. Boo. So I'll be passing it along to a friend. Maybe I'll make another in a larger size, as I really do like the look! So if you decide to try out this pattern, I suggest you really evaluate the sizing carefully.


Debbie said...

TOO bad! Cute though!

Maria said...

Oh no! Not good but lucky friend...

Ondrea said...

You are a clever bunny making clothes for yourself. I have no patience. Looks great. Now, can we see a pic of you wearing it? LOL:

Morgan James said...

That's the problem with Simplicity's patterns from the Misses line - I find they always run a little smaller than anyone else's Misses line. Cute shirt though!