Wednesday, June 24, 2015

adventures on the road

When I chose the word Imagine as my word of the year, I never Imagined that I would be traveling all over the United States for months at a time! After spending several cold months in Cleveland with my daughter Ally this past winter, the logical choice for summer living would be hot hot hot Phoenix, right? About a month ago, I headed to Phoenix to see my awesome dad through cancer surgery and to help Mom with driving, cooking, doctor visits etc. Dad is doing well (here we are last Sunday at his church) but could use continued prayers as he strengthens his body and prepares for radiation therapy.
Of course, once we had Dad home and comfy, I insisted that Mom join me in the sewing room!
We make a good team! Mom pieced & I ironed, until the pattern got a little tricky. Then she turned the machine over to me....
although I'm not exactly sure why. She taught me everything I know about sewing after all!

Oh, you want to know what we made? We found a cute bag pattern in Quilt Now magazine & altered it to suit our needs.

Isn't it adorable? The perfect size to hold a present Mom had bought for Ally. It was a fun make.... always fun to sew with Mom!

Now, I'm back in Texas & ready to organize my projects and get back to work.


Melissa said...

You're home?? Yippee!

Maria said...

Pleased Dad is looking better. Love the bag Mum and you made for Ally.

Sew nice for you to be home for awhile ........

Unknown said...

I can't IMAGINE where you might go next!! - Di