Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Washi dress

I have exciting news to share! After many years of teaching young ladies to sew here in my home, I am able to officially add the title of Teacher to my resume! I have been asked to teach some classes at Stitched with Love, one of our fabulous local quilt stores. I will be teaching garment sewing classes, beginning with an intro to garment sewing class (tomorrow!) and then moving on to some patterns I selected.

After making my first Washi dress in the spring I knew I wanted to make more, and I knew it would be a great garment to teach. I made this Washi as a store sample......

Then I set out to make myself another, to wear when I teach (and to church, etc). I knew I needed to do some fitting adjustments (most notably to the bust! sadly most sewing patterns are geared toward petite little b cup ladies which I will never, ever be!). I found this Full bust adjustment tutorial, referenced on Made By Rae's Washi dress page and I went to work.
 I eliminated the extra little scoop in the neckline on this one and added some extra length (about 3 inches).
 The shirring on the back went so smoothly and guess what? IT FITS PERFECTLY! Yay!
 The fabric is from Sara Lawson's Jungle Avenue line and I think it will be great all through the winter, with a bright colored cardigan and some tights.

Local folks who want to learn to make a Washi should check out the class schedule. It's an awesome pattern and I know you'll want to make more than one.


Melissa said...

So excited for you getting to teach what you love!

Sally said...

I wish I lived close enough so that I could take your Washi class. I don't think my husband would buy into me needing to fly to you to take a class :)

I know I'll need to make that FBA, too, which is what has kept me from making it so far.

Have you made the Bess top? I made that one over the summer and have fabric to make another, but I need to reprint the pattern so that I can make it with the higher neck. Anyway, I didn't have to do any adjustments to that one, so I was pleased.

Maria said...

Congratulations on becoming "Teacher" ..
The Washi dress is lovely sorry I can't make the class.

Debbie said...

Yeah for your new opportunity - very cool! And love the latest dress!

prsd4tim2 said...

Yay! So fun! Love the dress and love that you're teaching! You go, girl!