Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Japanese X & + quilt DONE!

I finished my Japanese X & + quilt! I used this tutorial for most of the blocks (which are 7 1/2 inches finished) then I supersized the block to make one block 15 inches. Some days it pays to be good at math!)
 Of course, as soon as I went outside the wind kicked up!
 Finally got this shot... with the quilt turned sideways so you could see all of the blocks (I offset it with different sized borders and I really think that makes it interesting!
And just after I snapped the picture, the quilt fell off the fence. So there you have it! And yes, the sky really is that blue! I hear cold weather is coming soon.... glad I had this pretty, sunny day to go outside and take some pictures.


Sally said...

This quilt looks so awesome and colorful! I love it. It does look great, being off-set!

Maria said...

The quilt looks fabulous and what a good idea to off set the borders.I always love all the colours you use Ellyn.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

that quilt is very striking, Ellyn. Love the gray to offset the brights. Awesome finish!