Sunday, October 6, 2013

a new journal

I've always loved to journal. And, I love to doodle. Most of my journals, all of my life, were a combination of writing and doodling. So when I started seeing these "Walls" journals on the web, I knew I wanted to have one. 

Many people have done Walls pages that are truly works of art. This caused me to be very intimidated. Putting that first mark in a new journal has always been intimidating to me anyways! But I didn't want this one to sit empty so I jumped right in. I probably should have taken a picture of the blank page before I started (hindsight!)

I think this page is done. Or maybe not. 

Do you journal?


Sally said...

I never developed a habit of journaling.... i had three brothers that were very snoopy, so I never wanted to take the chance.

my friend makes these beautiful art journals, I'm always amazed

Chantal said...

Hi Ellyn! Your journal is beautiful. I wish I could draw! I do journal but they are words, with things stuck in - like photo's, tickets etc. I don't do a dear diary but more an event journal - what happened during a particular day! I too stress at making that first mark in a new journal!!!

Melissa said...

I love this!! I'm doing much journaling lately but really need to get back to my art journal.