Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today my friend, Joellen, & I had a craft day with 2 of our girls. I had been wanting to learn to make English paper pieced hexagon flowers, so that is what we did. Joellen had gotten a head start on me... Ally caught on to the hexagons right away. Taylor was busy creating things with duct tape! By the end of the morning I had a whole hexagon flower put together! Yay!

Joellen said "let's go to Hobby Lobby. My new years resolution is to not go to the stores, so we have to go now!" Ummm, sure Joellen. Then I reminded her that we have to go to the quilt store next week to pick up our pincushion of the month! Oops. But I am always happy to go to Hobby Lobby anyways! & the girls didn't argue. Of course, they got lunch out of the deal!

What are you working on?

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Maria said...

Your hexagons look lovely. I did a pile this year for a group of ladies in Queenland Australia who are making the "Biggest hand made hexagon quilt in the World" to enter in the guiness book of records. Should be fun to see completed quilt.
Oh I can go fabric shopping anytime and them lunch as well, go girls!!