Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fun in the kitchen

Yesterday I decided to try something new (always a good idea!). I had pulled a recipe for homemade marshmallows out of a magazine a long time ago & it was time to make them! Here's a similar recipe to the one I used. I put a little drop of red food coloring in mine... look at the yummy pink color! Here's a shot of the whole pan, setting overnight. They were a little sticky to cut this morning, but after some experimenting (sharp knife worked best, not serrated) I got the job done.

I put a dozen cubed marshmallows in each ziploc bag then boxed them up in pretty Christmas boxes & gave them to my Biblestudy friends at our brunch this morning. Hopefully they will enjoy them! Of course I had to taste test a couple myself. Yummy!

Just thought I would share with you, my favorite Christmas Tree ornament. This little caroller has hung on my tree since I was a little girl. A couple years ago my mom gave it to me! I don't know if she knew how much I loved it, but I will cherish it forever!
Do you have a favorite ornament or decoration? Why not tell me about it in the comments? Better yet, post a picture on your blog so we can all see!


Lisa said...

Those marshmellows look delicious! I love your ornament. Each year since my hubby & I had our first Christmas we buy a new ornament for the tree so each is very special. Probably the most special are the very first ones we bought which had our names painted on them and then for each of the kids first christmas' we got them a matching one with their name also. We won't mention the missing one with my name on it for the past year. A certain little Miss got her hands on it 2 years ago and threw it thinking it was a ball. Glass baubles and wooden floors don't mix.

quiltmom anna said...

HI Ellyn,
For years we had a choir girl tree topper and gradually over time she got kind of delapidated so we replaced her with a bear who hangs on - The bear always makes me smile when I see it come out of the box. We have quite a large collection of ornaments that are one of a kind- each one is unique and most are special. It is always fun to open the ornament boxes at this time of year.
Happy holidays to you and yours,

Maria said...

Your marshmellows look Yummy!!!!

I received my ornament swap today and it is gorgeous so will put it on my blog to show anyone who would like to visit.

Shona Cole said...

Very cool, I was excited to see that you did exactly what you said you would do when you commented on my giveway! how fun, my girls would love those pink sticky sweet marshmallows.


Lis Harwood said...

Never made marshmallows, will try! I ususally make turkish delight, mmm. My favourite decorations are all angels, I buy one new one every year and have a host now!