Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Triad meets McKinney swap... received!

A couple of weeks ago I shared the quilt I sent to Kim in the Triad Modern Quilt guild for our swap. Well Tuesday night, it was finally our turn to receive quilts! I couldn't believe Alice, our swap queen, kept that box from NC taped up tight and opened it in front of all of us. Seriously, if that box had arrived at my house I would have peeked! No kidding.
Look how happy we all are with what we received! Those Triad gals pulled out all the stops.

Of course I was incredibly happy with the fabulous quilt I received from Katie! She took my favorite Squirrel pattern (found here, by Quiet Play), shrank it down and made not one... but FOUR squirrels!

Katie said the way the colors popped reminded her of an Andy Warhol painting, and I totally agree! such fun. 

The colors and fabrics she used are so great. This is going to make me smile every time I look at it.
There was some talk at our meeting about making this swap an annual event. I sure hope we do! It was great to connect with a sister guild. Thanks Katie! You rock!


Julianne said...

Oh it so cute! I love it! Lucky you!

Debbie said...

oh how fun! I bet your Warhol Squirrels are a one and only! ;-)

Summer said...

So sweet! Looks very pretty ♥

Anonymous said...

what a lot of fun ,i love those squirrels ,so very cute xx

Katie said...

I am so pleased that you love your squirrels -- it was really fun to use all those bits of scraps to make them and I already have a request for a rainbow dray (group of squirrels -- fun right) for another friend of mine.

Three Owls Handmade said...

How fun!