Sunday, April 18, 2010

sidetracked, again!

I have always envied organized people. You know the type, they keep a meticulous to do list (probably neatly typed up on word or something) & then they complete the tasks, one by one & check them off! They are typically fond of highlighters (yes, I am thinking of my oldest daughter, Leigh Anne, who is a highlighter freak and very very organized!). Everything has it's place and time. Nothing goes half finished.

Me, not so much. I'm easily distracted! Typically I have several projects going, several more half done & others cut & ready. My to do list is chicken scratched on a note pad. Or, rather, several note pads because I lose them. I have lists of where my lists are. Seriously! I love a neat & tidy sewing room with everything sorted by color & type... but.... mine is not like that at all. It's chaos. I try! I really do!

So this week I was working on a quilt for a friend (still unfinished), bought some fabric to make myself a new top (unstarted), plus numerous other projects. Went to quilt guild on Thursday night & my sweet secret pal gave me a bag full of goodies. Including, a skein of pink yarn & a copy of this pattern. Adorable, right? So, the organized people I know, like my daughter (who does not sew or craft by the way, but IF she did) would have added this sweet project to the bottom of their to do list, finished up the quilt and the top and THEN made a hat. Sounds logical. But, I'm not logical.

So, off I go to find the right crochet hook (which was surprisingly easy! I have them all in the little pockets of my organizer that Annie made me for my birthday! Hooray for organization!) And this is what I made this weekend! I really hope it fits Mackenzie's adorable little head! It was fun to make, I did it in an afternoon..... so Thank You to my secret pal, whoever you are! Tomorrow I will finish that quilt, start the top AND reorganize my sewing room. Unless I think of something else to do. Which could happen. Ok, it probably will happen. But I do mean well!


Lisa said...

What a gorgeous hat! I'm one of those organised people, take my to do list everywhere but I do have a tendency to keep adding to it more than I take off!

Sewjoe said...

This was just featured on Craft Too cute!

Maria said...

Great hat.

You sound just like me. Never finish things straight up.I go into the sewing room and pull out fabric and play.When I should be finishing projects off.

Sally said...

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who does this! I have so many projects going right now and so many that I want to be working on. It's making me crazed, I think.