Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February? Already?

Where the heck did January go? This year is flying by already. Yikes!

I thought I'd share some of the projects I've been finishing up.... you might remember the heart blocks I was working on for the quilt block swap? Well those are done, all 28 of them! They will go off to the quilt store on Saturday to be swapped. I even added a little bird to a few of them (but not all! I simply ran out of time).

Then there are the English paper pieced hexagons I was playing around with. Remember? Will I finished up this giant hexagon piece (next time I'm using smaller hex's!). I love the colors. I'm thinking of appliqueing it onto this pillow ticking & making a bag... what do you think?

I also finished up a table runner & coasters to match the placemats I was working on.

Whew! I've had fun finishing up unfinished projects! So today I pulled out my hexagon afghan. You might remember this one too? I haven't worked on it in ages. It currently stands at 60 hexagons & it needs many more. So, I packed up a bag of yarn & a crochet hook to take along to doctor's offices/physical therapy while I wait for Ally.
I'm loving this little goodie that came in the mail from my buddy Annie, back in Ohio..... look at all those pockets! I filled it up in no time, my ipod even fits in one pocket! Thanks Annie, so sweet!

Happy Crafty February friends!


Jennifer said...

Ellyn, loving the face lift and alll the amazing looks terrific.

eileensideways said...

i love the cup organizer. how sweet. it looks like annie used some of the girlscout fabric. any chance for a tutorial or pattern on this cute idea.

prsd4tim2 said...

You know, I asked myself that same question yesterday - where did January go??? Time is just flying. You've accomplished a lot with all your finishes. Good for you!