Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've been playing around with fabric flowers.... I especially love this one that I made using this tutorial. I made the circles for the petals considerably smaller than the tutorial suggested, only about 2 1/2". I can't imagine how big my flower would have been if I had used 4 1/2 inch circles like it suggested! I put a pinback on the back of the flower.
now it can easily be pinned onto Ally's spring skirt... or this little outfit that I can still just give you a peak of since I have not mailed it off!

Flowers have also been appearing on cakes here on a regular basis! Here is the cake that Ally made Easter weekend for our pastor & her family. The flowers look a bit red here, they were really bright pink. So springy & cheerful!

Ally begins level three tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see what she learns next!

and these flowers have been popping up in my front yard, along with beautiful flowers that my hubby planted there for me last weekend!
Happy Spring everyone!

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