Friday, October 15, 2021

Harlequin Maze

Where does your quilty inspiration come from? I just never know when it's going to hit me. A couple weeks ago I found myself really studying the stained glass windows in the chapel at church (I know, I know, pay attention Ellyn. And I was, I promise.)

These windows are so incredibly beautiful. This particular day, it was those diamond shapes that spoke to me. 

By the time I turned them into a quilt, they had changed a lot. First off, the color. And then, I started removing some of the dividing lines. Soon this maze evolved.        

I had already made a bunch of black and white quarter square triangle blocks. They were just hanging out on my design wall patiently waiting to be used. Add in a curvy line and a bunch of tiny floating triangles and Harlequin Maze began to evolve. I quilted it with my walking foot and big stitched the binding in red. Presto! Quilt #11 in my Through Ellyn's Eyes series was done in no time.

Colors used: Kone Black, White and Red.


Maria said...

It’s amazing where you get your great ideas from…
Another fantastic mini….

Debbie said...

Love the inspiration this one came from and how you removed lines here and there to come up with your inspired, yet original design. Nice!