Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole

I've finished the 12th quilt in my Through Ellyn's Eyes series and it is a bright and happy one. I'm calling it Down the Rabbit Hole because several people mentioned that it had an Alice in Wonderland vibe to it.

Basically, this is a very improv log cabin, if you look closely, with a very loose courthouse steps layout (warm colors on the sides, cool colors top and bottom). I'm prepping to teach an improv log cabin class and thought it would be awesome to add some more samples to my class prep. The finished mini measures 15"x19".

 I channel quilted straight-ish lines 1/2" apart on my domestic machine and used all of the colors from my series in this one..... which is a bit wild, but I like it! 

So, here are the 12 quilts finished for my series so far, with more in the works!  Which one is your favorite?


Maria said...

Lots of gorgeous bright fabrics in your 12th mini Down the Rabbit Hole.
Can’t really pick a favourite as they’re all special.

Debbie said...

What a fun one. I saw the courthouse steps right off!