Friday, August 13, 2021

Sit a While

 Quilt #5 in my Through Ellyn's Eyes series is complete! I somehow became fascinated with the graphic image of a chair. I love the meaning behind it too, a place for a friend to take a seat and spend some time with me. Community is so important to me and having a cozy place where my friends feel comfortable hanging out has become so valuable especially during the isolation of the last year and a half. Often during that time friends would drop in on my front porch to chat, swap bee blocks, pick up guild door prizes and the like. We would always end up sitting a while, masked and safely distanced. Who knew chairs could be such an important symbol?

This quilt was improv pieced using Kona Red, Glacier and Capri. I walking foot quilted it on my domestic machine and bound it in red, adding a few hand stitches to the front as I often do. It finished at 17" x 18".

As I continue to work through this project, I find that my series is sorting itself into some distinct mini categories along the way. Specifically, this quilt alongside my Casting a Light quilt forms the beginning of a graphic images category.

Both quilts feature a single image and both have tiny hand stitched x's on the binding.

I realize now that my aqua pearl cotton is a size 12, making it more subtle than the other colors which are all size 8. 

So, there are now five completed quilts in my projects. to read all of the past posts about this project, click here.

I already have my next quilt idea rumbling in the back of my mind, and it will match up nicely with another previous quilt. 


Debbie said...

This is getting even more interesting with every new addition!

Maria said...

Looking great all together….