Wednesday, June 27, 2018

teeny tiny trip around the world

at Quiltcon in February, several of my friends took a workshop with Chawne Kimber on piecing teeny tiny squares (1 inch finished) into a #teenytinytriparoundtheworld.  When Debbie came to visit in May, I begged her to teach me, because I wanted to make one too. I'm trying to use all fabrics from my stash for this. The first few rounds went pretty fast (four squares, 8 squares, etc). but this last round of 52 squares took quite a while!
Debbie taught me the secret of how to press the back so it all lays neat and tidy. I think it looks almost as cool as the front!

My project measures about 18 inches square right now. Several friends have asked me how big I intend to make it. My answer? Hmmmm I have no idea! When I get tired of piecing it, or run out of fabric (hahaha) I will stop! Stay tuned.


Barb Neiwert said...

My goodness that's small! But lovely! What a fun project for you. It will be interesting to follow your progress :)

Maria said...

Oh you do like a challenge.... sew cute !

Are you getting the comments emailed to you now ?

Debbie said...

It's looking SO GOOD!