Monday, June 25, 2018

Solid Seven blocks for Kara

When I first saw Kara's (karascreativeside) prompt for our June Solid Seven Bee blocks I was a little bit stumped. Kara teaches marine science and biology. She wants to create an ocean quilt with lots of fish, sea life, etc. We do seem to have a lot of nature/water lovers in our bee! City girl Ellyn is doing her best to fit in. 

I searched for free paper piecing patterns (they were scarce and most had already been snatched up). In the end, I drafted piecing patterns and put together these three fish for Kara. 
Do go check out her instagram account and see what the others have sent her! I think it's going to be a terrific quilt.


Debbie said...

I especially like the top two....they're so graceful!

Maria said...

fabulous blocks you designed for Kara..
Lots of loveies in the past two posts.

Goldogmom said...

These are so fun Ellyn, is there a pattern for them?