Saturday, April 29, 2017

weaving camp in the city

I'm home (did you miss me?)! Once again I ran off to Charlotte to weave with my friend Kathie. She hash tagged our photos #weavingcampinthecity and I love it! We always have a great time together, weaving of course, but also chatting, watching lots of baseball and drinking a bit of wine. It was a wonderful week.

Part of the fun is that Kathie lets me weave on her floor loom, which enables me to learn new things and try weave patterns that are not possible on my rigid heddle loom.

Warping the loom is a much bigger process than I am used to with lots of steps...

Yes, I did let Kathie crawl around on the floor to tie up the heddles. Honestly, I was afraid I'd never get back up off the floor! HA! 

Finally, I got to weaving (I think it was day three!) I had chosen this diamond pattern which is by far the most detailed pattern I've ever done. I wove about half of my warp with the dark teal, then the second half in red.
I had a little bit of warp left at the end so I decided to play with some neutrals.
I ended up with this lovely piece of fabric which will become new pillows for our sofa in the next few days.

The last day we took a field trip to find this billboard (did you see it in the first photo?). Kathie has her work featured on an actual billboard this year! HOW COOL IS THAT???

The week was exactly what I've been needing! A bit of an escape. Now back to reality! What have you been up to?


Ondrea said...

Your weaving is awesome! Looks really professional. Great pic of the 2 of you. Hope you are inspired . When will you be getting a larger loom? Hehehe.

Maria said...

Such an awesome time you spent with Kathie. Such a talented lady having her work on the huge billboard..
love your beautiful piece of woven fabric...

Chantal said...

I really like the diamond pattern. They will make beautiful cushion covers. Glad you had an awesome week with your friend. A tonic I'm sure!

Made by Mrs Jones x said...

Beautiful piece of weaving.