Monday, May 9, 2016

waffle weave towels

It's kind of funny (to me anyways) but the main thing I wanted to weave when I got my rigid heddle loom is dish towels. After experimenting with thinner 8/2 cotton yarn I decided to try a thicker 3/2 Valley yarn. I also wanted to try doing a waffle weave.  Several tutorials and you tube videos later (and another WEBS order for yarn and a pick up stick) I started weaving and loved the results!
After I took it off the loom and washed & dried it I was even happier. The waffle weave makes for nice, thick, useful dishtowels!
After I got these done, I still had enough warp to make 2 more towels but no more green for the weft. I decided to do the other two with inexpensive cotton yarn from Walmart that I had on hand. I also chose to finish the ends of these with bias binding instead of just hemming them on my sewing machine.
Although they are not as soft as the better quality yarn, they are still great towels! And I love the way the colors blended.
These have all been gifted (green ones for Mom's green kitchen for Mother's day, the others birthday gifts for friends)
And I've ordered more yarn from WEBS so there will be more towels to come!


Debbie said...

I think towels are a great use for your look! They look terrific and I love the bias binding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellyn what a wonderful idea and they look fantastic,well done :)

Maria said...

They look fabulous Ellyn. You are have lots of fun with your loom....

Ondrea said...

Oh my! How clever are you! Love them.