Thursday, April 7, 2016

more from guild night

I thought you might like to see some more of the fun Moda challenges that were shared at the McKinney Modern Quilt guild the other night. I didn't even begin to get photos of them all! Many were put up after I took these pics. 
I love Lyssa's pixilated unicorn!

yup, that's mine, underneath Alice's prize winning falling star mini

Stephanie's waterfall (left) was inspired by her recent trip to Iceland
I'm hoping the guild photos will be posted too, so I can link them here and you can see them all!

The Moda challenge wasn't the only excitement we had on Tuesday night. We had a special guest come to speak....
That's right! Lee Monroe, aka May Chappell, was with us! Lee is a pattern designer, quilter, speaker... I had the great pleasure of having dinner with her, and other members of our board. What a delight she is!
Her program (tips & tricks) was so informative! Her trunk show was awesome and she had us all giggling all night long. I'm looking forward to taking a workshop with Lee on Saturday too.


Debbie said...

Cool finishes and always good to see/learn from others!

Maria said...

You have a very talented group.. Lots of lovelies.
Nice to have a great guest speaker.

Hilary said...

Lee just came to the HMQG, she is awesome!

Ondrea said...

Clever quilters!