Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December calendar journal

During crafty Tuesday this week, I created my December calendar journal page (kinda last minute, but HEY! I got it done.) Often, when I post my calendar journal on Instagram, people ask me where I get the blank calendar pages to decorate and journal on. I always think that's funny, because I draw them myself. Let's face it folks, I really can't draw! They are always pretty simple and straightforward. I draw them in pencil first, then I trace over with a fine black sharpie marker. There's lots of erasing involved too!
I hope you like my little Christmas tree forest!

I got to thinking, I could share my blank pages with you here, then if you want to you can journal along. I figured I'd start in January. In fact, I got the first 5 months of next year drawn and ready. Then I thought, heck, why not share my December page with you. You're only a couple of days behind. You can remember what you've done since Tuesday, right? I thought so.

Just click on the link below and it will take you to a pdf version of my December calendar journal that you can download and print....

December 2015 calendar journal

I  usually use colored markers to write in the highlights each day. List the projects you worked on. Or you could write something you're grateful for. Or draw a little picture. I often doodle in color around my entries and color in the letters for the month. You could use colored pencils or even crayons. Whatever you have will work.  Skies the limit.

So unleash your inner child and journal along with me, won't you? If you're on Instagram (I am) post your calendar journal as you go and use the hashtag #ellynsplace won't you? Then we can all get ideas from each other! It'll be fun.

I'll post new pages the first of every month in 2016.

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Ondrea said...

Fantastic idea girl!!