Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Celebrating three years of Crafty Tuesday!

Three years ago I had this crazy idea, that if I invited crafty people from all different areas of my life to come together once a month they might actually end up liking each other and having a good time! Selfishly, I decided to host it at my house every month (that way I don't have to pack up my stuff and go somewhere! Ha!). Well, they fell for it! And Crafty Tuesday was born. The first Tuesday of every month, a group gathers at my house to craft, gab, eat and enjoy life.

It's amazing really, and way better than I ever imagined. New friendships have been formed, new crafts and skills learned, new foods devoured!

September was our founding month, so the first Tuesday of September, every year, we have a little birthday party of sorts. You can read about our first birthday here, and our second birthday here. Today was birthday number three. Here's our obligatory group photo complete with balloons and dog.....

Thank you Stephanie for finding a video to teach me how to work the self timer on my camera! A new skill for me.

We had a wonderful time, complete with tacos and cake. Because, well, seriously, what's a birthday without cake?

Happy Third Birthday Crafty Tuesday! Here's to many many more.