Saturday, August 29, 2015


My sister, Diane, takes some beautiful pictures of church steeples she sees. Here is one I borrowed (with her permission)...
 You can see more in her Flickr group, taken by her and others (I even took a couple of them) Her pictures were the inspiration for my latest mini quilt. 

After I made my Imagine quilt for the Riley Blake Challenge, earlier this year, I decided I should work backwards and make a quilt for each of my words of the year. Grace was my word in 2014. 

This quilt is 18 x 20 inches and made with two shades of grunge fabric. And yes, I'm going to make a second one for Diane! It's only fair since she provided the inspiration. 

Two words done, three more to go (going to try to get them done before I choose a word for 2016. Wish me luck!)


Maria said...

Beautiful photo and your mini is gorgeous... Look forward to seeing the others with your inspirational words.

Melissa said...

This turned out lovely & what a fantastic use of that INSPIRATION! :)