Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Petunia Peacock

Allow me to introduce you to Petunia Peacock!
Isn't she adorable? Petunia is one of the new patterns recently introduced by Jennifer Heynen at Jennifer Jangles. I was lucky Jennifer allowed me to take this pattern for a spin for her. The first part of the pattern is lots of appliqué on the feathers. Not too long ago, I would have done this all by hand. However, through lots of practice, my confidence with machine appliqué has soared. I did this with a machine buttonhole stitch & I am really happy with the results.

 I would call this pattern a confident to advanced beginner level. The maker needs both machine and hand sewing basic skills. Oh, and a tiny bit of embroidery. It's a great pattern, well written and so much fun to watch Petunia come together. I stitched her up in an afternoon.
 Thanks again, Jennifer, for the opportunity to sew for you.


Sally said...

Super cute! Love the colors that you chose!

Maria said...

Love him. Ellyn.....I always do mt appliqué on the machine. Sew much faster..

carol said...

She is absolutely adorable!! Great color selections!