Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday USA!

Here in Allen, Texas, we celebrate the fourth of July in June. Don't ask me why.... it wasn't my decision! But I really enjoyed the fireworks this year. Hubby and I took one of my quilts down to the park and laid on the grass with a million other people (it probably wasn't quite a million but it seemed that way). I took these pictures with my iPhone! I was surprised they actually turned out pretty good. 

Enjoy the fourth everyone.


Melissa said...

These did turn out great - we heard the fireworks, but didn't get out to see them. Hope y'all have a great day!

Maria said...

OK that's different... Great photos Ellyn..
Oh your ticker tape is nealry finished... 6 sleeps.

Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters said...

Connecticut girl says "hi". We adopted a dog from Texas. My daughter did, too, in the Spring. They are so wonderful. Loved looking through your blog. Linda

Sally said...

We had our fireworks on the 3rd. I guess because more people will attend if they don't have to work the next day or something.

I took my camera so that I could take photos of the fireworks, but my camera died...go figure.