Thursday, May 3, 2012

little pouches

When I saw this tutorial I knew I had to make some little patchwork pouches! I have several friends with birthdays this week and next and I thought these would make adorable gifts. I made four. The tutorial was awesome and they went together really well. These 2 came out perfect!
 But this one, well, let's just say it's a little wonky. Totally my fault. 1) I didn't topstitch the patchwork seams which would have stabilized them & helped me to line them up better.
 2) I managed to sew through my finger with the machine needle as I was putting in the zipper! I don't recommend this. It HURT! I did not get a drop of blood on the patchwork (and there was plenty of blood to be had, believe me!) but I'm sure this little activity didn't help my sewing any.

This last one went together pretty well, but when I had it all done I realized I had the little ribbon loop inside out! DUH!
so, two of the four will make lovely birthday gifts, don't you think?


Lisa said...

Even if you sacrificed a finger, they turned out great!

Sally said...

These are really adorable! I am always making different types of pouches for myself and others. These might be nice to keep some crochet hooks in, too.

Maria said...

Lovely pouches, would go nicely with the needle cases.
Hope you finger is better now...