Saturday, July 2, 2011

time out for some Baseball!

Sorry if the creative posts have been a little lacking lately. I took some time out to take a trip with my guys! In celebration of Steve's High School graduation, hubby & I took him on a bit of an east coast baseball roadtrip! Here he is at Fenway in his new Red Sox hat.... We did squeeze in some historical sight seeing too. Lots of history on the east coast! We spent time in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia (saw all three city's teams play in their home ballpark). Then, we went up to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of fame

Here are the Red Sox playing at Fenway.

Anyways, not much crafting got done. I did finish these four hexi flowers on the road....

I know, pathetic, right? I have two excuses. 1) I am the navigator. It is difficult to navigate and sew at the same time 2) much of our driving was done at night and I couldn't see!

When we arrived home there was a package waiting from Lisa in Australia. Check out these goodies! I'm a lucky girl.

I had admired the pretty tea mug rug when she posted it on her blog, not knowing she was going to send it to me. Or maybe she sent it to me because I admired it? Geez, now I feel just a tiny bit guilty! Anyways, I love it and the fabric too! Thanks Lisa.

I also snuck into the most adorable little quilt shop in downtown Philadelphia. The girls at Spool were so friendly and their fabric & patterns were lovely! I picked up a shirt pattern & fabric. Hope to finish up my shirt tomorrow, then I will tell you all about it. Oh, and my quilt is finished too! I promise to share that soon.

Hope you all have gotten lots of sewing & crafting done lately! I'm working hard to catch up.

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