Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Like my new look?

A big THANK YOU! to Lisa who has been working on giving my blog a new, snazzy look. Pretty awesome I think! Don't you? I told her, no fluffy, pretty, feminine stuff, I'm more a colorful, whimsy, contemporary kind of gal. Now don't get bent out of shape if you are one of those fluffy gals, I totally enjoy you (and your blogs!), it's just not ME! I think it's kind of cool how we're all unique. Makes for a much more interesting world, don't you think?

So, I am working away at lots of Christmas gifts, which I don't dare put pictures of on here! You never know who might be reading along. Surely there are ways to track that? Hmmm another question for poor Lisa, who is way smarter than I am about these things! I am also polishing off my NYC Hipster bag pattern & will debut it here very very soon. There were some recent computer issues at our house. In a house with only four people and five computers, you wouldn't think I'd have a problem! Apparently only 2 of those computers have publisher on them, which is what I use for pattern writing. One is my laptop which has recently become turtley (is that a word?) slow. The other is Ally's laptop, which, until this weekend, was not attached to a printer! This problem has now been fixed! Yay! On with the pattern writing!

So, while I am chatting away with no lovely photos to share, I will direct you to the new blog of my darling daughter, Leigh Anne. If you are/ever were/wish you were a dancer, or if you just enjoy watching dance (that's me), check it out. She is reviewing Fox TVs So You Think You Can Dance every week, giving her viewpoint on the dances/outfits/judges. Her writing style is, like her, quite bold & sarcastic & I for one am enjoying it.

I promise pictures (of something?) soon!

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Maria said...

Hi Ellyn Your new blog is very different from the last.

Yes it is hard when making Xmas stuff because you can't blog it.Maybe take your photos and post them after Xmas.