Saturday, October 3, 2009

the quilt the dog ate

I just noticed that this is my 100th blog post! Wow. I guess I should have planned something fabulous to mark this occasion, but, sadly, I did not. Sorry!

I do have a lovely story to share with you today. Thursday night I spent a long time cutting all the pieces for a quilt I was going to make. It was a kit, a log cabin, & there were lots of pieces to be cut with different measurements. There was not a lot of extra fabric either! So no room for error. I laid all the pieces out on the couch in my sewing room, sorted by color and size. I was all set to begin the quilt the next morning!

So, Friday morning I take Ally to school. Usually when I go someplace, I put the dog in her crate. But when I run Ally to school I usually leave her out. I'm gone maybe five minutes as the school is only a few houses down the alley. Normally she would walk, but with the injury & all, I drive her. On Friday it took a few extra minutes because she forgot her lunch & we had to zoom back. No big deal.

So, I get home & what do I find? Lexi is under the dining room table chewing on something. Probably a sock that fell out of the laundry basket or something, right? NO! It's the medium brown fabric strips for my quilt!!! AAAAARGH! Some days I could just shoot that dog!

Well, luckily, I was able to salvage enough of the pieces from the ones she had & squeak the rest of them out of the scraps I had leftover! I worked all day yesterday on this quilt top.... & today I machine quilted it a bit & put the binding on. I think I will hang it in our dining room! I had never done a log cabin before. In fact, when it comes to precision piecing, I'm not usually very precise! Know what I mean? But this came out just right & I'm so proud of myself!


Amy said...

It is beautiful Ellyn!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice! And I hear ya on the precise piecing. I am "off" most of the time myself and I can't figure out why! I usually take my time cutting and piecing because those are my "problem" areas and I still end up off!

Vintage Chicken said...

You did a wonderful job!
Very pretty!

It's a good thing you had enough fabric to piece it together...or I think the DOG might be hanging on the wall, instead of the quilt? LOL

Unknown said...

I love the cross log cabin.

Do you have a pattern or instructions for it, or know where I can buy it.

thank you