Wednesday, August 5, 2009


today Ally is 13! Hard to believe I have three teenagers in my house (for a few months anyways!). I must say they are three of the best teens on the planet & I enjoy them very much.

Poor Ally has had a rough week. She has a horrible sunburn, second degree burns, requiring antibiotics, creams, fluids & lots of attention. She tells me she is "full of sunshine". She's full of something, that's for sure! It is much better today, thank goodness! I couldn't bear to see her miserable on her birthday.

This morning I surprised her with a cupcake apron that I made over the weekend (while she was "sunning herself" on Lake Texoma). She immediately put it on over her pjs....

The other day she pointed out a balloon that she wanted at the grocery store. A hamburger balloon. The store was using them to promote the deli.

So today I went to that store. Went to the floral counter & told the nice lady that I needed a bouquet of balloons for my daughter's birthday. We picked out the colors of the latex balloons & she asked if I wanted a mylar balloon to go with it. "well, yes" I said. "I do. I want one of the hamburger balloons" Silence. And then, "I'm sorry maam, we don't sell the hamburger balloons. Those are to promote the deli." Sad face. You'll have to picture it, sorry, I didn't get a photo of that. And then she sold me the hamburger balloon! Yay! Ally was very excited when I brought it home (strange child!).

The table is set for company and the chickens are roasting in the oven. Yes, it's 100 degrees outside & my oven is on! She's worth it.
Oh, & if it matters to you, it's my half birthday today too! 48 1/2 to be exact. Yes, I'm old. So what? I have a houseful of great kids & an awesome husband to show for it!
Happy Birthday Ally!

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