Friday, August 7, 2009

movie review

Tonight I took my two girls to see Julie & Julia. Yup, on the first night it was out! & yes, it was crowded! Mostly women with a few reluctant husbands dragged along for the ride (mine took our son bowling, I'm sure they enjoyed that more!)

This morning I read this less than flattering review in the Dallas Morning News. Written by a man. Of course. Why would they send a man to review a movie that was clearly marketed to women? Beats me.

Anyways, the three of us LOVED the movie! Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia Child & Amy Adams as Julie Powell, the real life NYC blogger who tells her story in the book, titled, you guessed it, Julie & Julia! Both stories were inspiring, emotional & encouraging. Both women played their characters with passion & honesty. "Don't give up on your dreams" was the main message of both stories. The women, as different as they were, were the same in so many ways & their stories wove together like a beautiful tapestry.

Go see it! You will love it too. Tomorrow I am off to Sams Club to buy the book.... Ally has first dibs on it & then we'll pass it around. I hope it's as good as the movie was. Two thumbs up!

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