Monday, August 17, 2009

duck pond quilt is done!

you may remember this post way back in May, where I explained my design process for creating a quilt. Pretty basic! & then this post where I actually sewed my quilt top. On Thursday my longarm quilter called to say that my Duck Pond quilt was ready! & today I got to do my favorite part of making a quilt....sewing on the binding! Yup you read that right! I love the process of sewing on that final binding, knowing that every stitch brings me closer to a finished quilt! & here it is.... my Duck Pond quilt, all finished!The pillow is a disappearing nine patch. Ally & I were playing around with that one day... one piece of advice, don't use directional prints on a disappearing nine patch! If you look really closely, you'll see that half of the ducks in the pillow are upside down! You can also see Ally's "granny a day" afghan in the corner, almost finished! I've been working away on that as well.
Back to the quilt! I took it to Sue, a longarm quilter who I met on the retreat in Van Alstyne in June. She did an awesome job. I love how the quilt pattern looks like waves, perfect for my ducks to swim around in!I named the quilt Duck Pond because the sweet prints (by Lizzy House) remind me of trips we would take to feed the ducks when my kiddos were little. They used to love to take our stale breadcrumbs & throw them to the ducks (heck, I remember loving this when I was a kid! Does every family do this?)
Now I can't wait to hang this in my sewing room....
Something else I have been working on is my next bag pattern. My hairdresser, Carla, is going to Europe next month so I made her a bag she can use for her trip. The pattern needs a little tweaking, but I think it's pretty cool! The fabric is black, it doesn't really show that way in the photo...This is the back of the bag, which I think I love even more than the front!

My sewing room is getting a lot of use these days. & school starts next Monday! Which means long uninterrupted days for me (though I must say I have loved having the kids home this summer).

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Vintage Chicken said...

Quilt looks GREAT!
The fabric is too cute!!

I love it when I actually get a project finished! Such a nice feeling!