Monday, May 4, 2009

hats, more grannys & my creative journey...

Yesterday the ladies at church had a luncheon & we shared our baby pictures.... here's mine! Nobody guessed it was me... even with my mouth wide open. After I told them though, someone asked if I was singing! Probably. We also wore hats at our gathering yesterday, in honor of the Kentucky Derby. Here I am, making a goony face, in my hat...& here is my friend Nancy, who had the fanciest hat at the party...I'm still working away at my granny squares. Here's the chain on day four (I told you I wouldn't be able to stick to one a day!) I've actually added 2 or 3 more since I took this picture.
Jodi, over on This, That and The Other shared her Creative Journey in her last blog post. What a great idea! So I thought I'd share some of mine too....
I think I got the crafty gene early on. My mom was always crafting & sewing... making us clothes, halloween costumes, fancy pillowcases, all kinds of things! I just naturally joined right in.
I think I first sat at the sewing machine on my own when I was about 8 or 9. That's when I made my yellow halter top . By the time I took home ec in 8th grade, I was sewing all kinds of things. My classmates were still trying to figure out how to cut out their skirts (with a waistband & 7 inch zipper) & I was putting in my blind hem. My skirt was pink & I made a pink gingham blouse to match! I remember embroidering when I was about this age too.
During college I worked at Minnesota Fabrics. What a great job! I got to make a lot of the samples then, & learned new skills. Candlewicking was big then (remember that?), & I went through a cross stitch phase. I just loved being around all that fabric & creative people!
Fast forward to the 90s when maternity & baby clothes kept me busy! I loved sewing for my little ones & still enjoy making them things today. Lucky for me, they appreciate it! Along the way I have also learned to crochet, quilt & even to weave baskets. I go through waves of scrapbook mania.... my books are sporadic. Some day I will pull that all together!
Now I am enjoying putting some of my designs on paper & hope to find an outlet for them soon. I do love to sew other people's patterns, but love creating my own even more. So that's my story!

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Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Cute hat and great looking granny squares. My grandmother and her sister used to make these all the time.

I never really learned how to crochet though-lol.