Friday, May 8, 2009

friday at Ellyn's Place!

We've been experiencing computer problems in this household! One laptop (belonging to Steve) bit the dust this week, the desktop is refusing to access the internet.... so my laptop is the only one available for the internet (yikes!) and all of the pictures are on the desktop.... blogging is a challenge! But here I am, loaded some photos onto a disc & transferred them over. I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling this off!

Thought you might enjoy my origami hat! Miss Allyson is enjoying folding paper into all kinds of things & she insisted on photographing me in this hat!

Here is her 7th grade picture.... hubby says she looks like me. I say "I was never that pretty, especially not at the awkward age of 12! She is going through the preteen years very gracefully!
Yesterday I completed another LizzyB bag for a friend.... love this bag!

And of course, the granny a day continues! I believe today is day 10? Whatever day it is, there are currently 18 squares completed.....

The sun is shining, the rain seems to be taking a break, & I am looking forward to the weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all of my mommy friends! Enjoy your families.

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