Friday, March 6, 2009

time out...

Today I am cleaning my house (no you're not, Ellyn! You're blogging! STALLER!) Exactly. I hate cleaning. Darn it, I wish I liked it & I wish I was better at it but the fact is, I'm not. So I thought I'd take a short break from cleaning (I promise!) & share a few things I hate... & more things that I love (just so I don't leave this on a negative note!) Ready? Ok....

Other than cleaning my house, I HATE.....

That's right. I hate peanut butter. It grosses me out. When I was a kid, if my mom even cut my jelly sandwich in half with a knife with peanut butter on it & got a TRACE of peanut butter on my bread, I would throw it away. Seriously. Ok Mom, don't be mad, it was a long time ago!

Other than cleaning my house & peanut butter I can't think of a thing I truly hate!

Things I love (besides the obvious, you know, my family & friends, God, sewing...)

Teapots. I adore them! I have lots, some old ones from my grandmas & some new ones (I especially love Mary Engelbreit teapots!)
Baseball! This would be my favorite pitcher, my son Steve! We all love baseball in this family...

Birdhouses. I collect them (but these are not mine. I borrowed this picture from google.)

Some more things I love....



American Idol

Meringue cookies

but not cleaning my house. Which reminds me, time to get back at it. Thanks for allowing me this little break!

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