Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what a find!

Check out the beautiful vintage tablecloth I found at the McKinney Trade Days last weekend! It does have one stain & a few holes..... which brought the price down & makes me not feel very guilty about cutting it up! Ohhhh I love to make other things with these tableclothes! Aprons, little girls/doll dresses, bags..... I think I'll look at this one a while before I decide what it should become. What do you think?

We went to the flea market all bundled in sweatshirts & jackets on Sunday afternoon & were amazed at how warm it got! By the time we left we were carrying all of our warm clothes and our bundles..... Allyson (still hobbling, bless her heart!) got some Christmas gifts bought & also bought a big bag of kettle corn! Love that stuff...

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